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Denture Maintenance

Denture maintenance and oral care

Denture insertion using adhesive

  • Clean and dry denture
  • Apply small amount of adhesive (not too close to the edges)
  • Rinse mouth
  • Press dentures in place, hold firmly and bite down.

Denture removal and cleansing

  • ​It is extremely important to remove and clean dentures daily. Dentures should be removed at night while sleeping to allow gums to breath. Healthy gums are happy gums.
  • Upper denture: Place thumb against front teeth and press upward and outward toward the nose
  • Lower denture: Slowly pull on the dentures while applying a rocking motion
  • When dentures are removed, rinse them over a sink filled with water so they will not break if dropped
  • Drop tablet of Polident into a denture bath or glass containing warm water
  • Allow dentures to soak as little as 5 minutes or overnight depending on formula being used
  • Rinse dentures with running water before placing them


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